Dior Dioramour 250ml

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1.499 AED
سعر البيع
1.499 AED
سعر عادي
1.590 AED
سعر الوحده
شامل الضريبة.
SKU: 3348901395472

Size: 250 ML

Dioramour, an elegant and refined perfume Like all the perfumes that make up the Private Collection, Dior amour is based on a very refined recipe. It puts forward three main ingredients with remarkable quality. Thus, Dior amour is the guarantee of incomparable refinement. It begins with a powdery and somewhat vintage breath. In this sense, it is addressed to all today's dandies. The iris then gives it all its elegance. Finally, it is wrapped in a jasmine more opulent and particularly bright.


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