TFK Smelling Me Softly

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Smelling Me Softly by The Fragrance Kitchen, I stir in the warmth of the morning light filtering through the lace curtains. There is a subtle, audible breeze that passes the warm air over my bare skin. I open my eyes against the light and he is there. He is lying peacefully on his side, his eyelashes casting a shadow under his closed eyes. His peacefulness sends a wave of relaxation through me and the corners of my mouth turn up slightly into a small smile. I pass the white sheet over our heads. It lifts up and floats back down gently over us and we are cocooned in the present. I can smell the soft scent of the fresh sheets and I breath in deeply to soak up the fragrance. As though he can feel my gaze, he stirs mildly. He shifts in his position ever so slightly and I can see his nostrils widen. He smells me softly, he feels the sheet over us and a sleepy arm reaches out and draws me closely to him. He softly resettles in his sleep. I will remember this morning often. This will be my daydream

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