Acqua Di Parma Arancia La Spugnatura 100ml

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Acqua di Parma introduces the antique method of La Spugnatura to the Arancia Vaniglia citrus fruit, extracting precious essences that express the fruit in all its depth and richness. The uplifting, sunny notes of lemon and mandarin are contrasted by notes of bitter almond and crisp injections of black pepper that add volume and texture to the creation. A light touch of cedar wood and sensual notes of musk lend the fragrance an enveloping base. Embodying the bittersweet symphony of the Sicilian orange, the fragrance, created by master perfumer Francois Demachy, is an equilibrium of contrasts that unfolds a surprising olfactive experience.
The limited-edition fragrance comes in a precious porcelain bottle, an exceptional masterpiece entirely crafted from a traditional artisanal process. The porcelain bottle and cap are refined through deliberate, intricate, hours-long manual processes. Set in an intense blue colour emblematic of the Blu Mediterraneo collection, obtained by adding cobalt into the mix, the shiny porcelain pieces are then individually decorated by hand with white, orange, and gold motifs.

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